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Rental agreement

Reservation number: [BOOKING_CODE]


Please return the vehicle in the same condition that you received it. You must return the car with its battery charged to last for a 50 km range.
Included kilometers for the whole rental period is [INCLUDED_KMS]. Extra kilometer will be charged at [EXTRA_KM_PRICE].

By signing this form, you agree to the terms and conditions set out by Robile Inc.’s Usage Policy and Privacy Policy. You agree that the charges listed above are estimates based on reservation details you supplied, and that the final rental fee may change if you keep the vehicle beyond the agreed-upon return date and time. You acknowledge that you have received, read, and understood all notices and terms listed in the rental confirmation email. You agree that you will be the sole driver of the vehicle, and that no additional drivers will be allowed to drive the vehicle without the prior written consent of Robile Inc. Tickets, fines and any other external fees that you incur will be charged to you (i.e., the person for whom the signature on this rental agreement belongs). This form signed by you, and a return record listing your final and total rental fee, will together represent the complete rental agreement between yourself and Robile Inc.

If you have questions regarding this rental, please call us at 514-823-2765 or contact us via email at

You, the renter, must provide Robile Inc. with proof that you have insurance that would cover damage to the rental vehicle at the time that this car rental agreement is signed.

Additionally, you confirm that you are aged 25 years and above, and that you will not smoke inside the rental vehicle.


  •  I have read and Agree with  Robile´s terms & conditions
  •  I confirm that I have personal car insurance coverage for this rental vehicle.
  •  I confirm that I am 25 years or older.
  •  I agree to not smoke inside the rental vehicle.
  •  I confirm that I am only travelling within Canada.